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The number in parenthesis refers to the designation in The Leedy Family History by Gordon M. Connelly (1985).   


Public Officials

Office seekers generally are tricky people, and politicians are a brood of venomous serpents, in the main, and by psychology, their contact with a fair and equitable man marks him as undesirable in holding office, because he will not be a thief and robber to provide rake-offs for his chums.”  The Leedy Chronicle, page 1309 (September 1915)


Executive Branch


Paul Leedy Emrie ( ) Clerk of Courts, Humboldt, Iowa

Cassius M. Leedy (2471) Sheriff, Pennington County, South Dakota

Charles Burton Leedy (6323) District Attorney, Ellis County, Oklahoma 1935-37 (son of Clarence Bruce)

Clarence Bruce Leedy (3375), County Attorney, Ellis County, Oklahoma 1907 (father of Charles Burton)

Daniel Walton Leedy (9793), County Attorney, Austin County, Texas 1986-1989

Franklin Leedy (6229) Republican, County Treasurer, Cimarron County, Oklahoma

J.V.B. Leedy ( ) Clerk, Letterkenny, Franklin County, PA 1863

John W. Leedy (806) Gov. of Kansas, Populist, 1897-99; Mayor of Valdez, Alaska (1905)

John Wentworth Leedy (2475), Candidate for Lt. Governor of Iowa, Proh. 1908 and
            Candidate for Auditor of Iowa Proh. 1902

Josiah Leedy (140) Marshall, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri 1855

Richard Leedy (8407) Republican County Attorney of Freemont County, Wyoming 1962

Robert F. Leedy (717) Mayor of Basic City, VA (1892-1895)

Tom Leedy ( ) Coroner, Miami County, IN 2010

Leedy Myers ( ) Democratic Candidate for County Treasurer, Great Bend, KS 1960

Dory Swank (6819) Mayor of Butler, Ohio

Jarra Leedy Underwood ( ) County Auditor, Wayne County, OH, Repub. 2010


Legislative Branch


John Milan Ashbrook (6882), U.S. Representative, Ohio, 1960-1980, Rep. Candidate for President in 1972, Candidate for Senate in 1982, Ohio General Assembly 1956-1960.

Daniel Fall (610) Indiana State Representative, Wabash County 1880-81

Samuel Fall (609) Kansas House of Representatives 1888-89. Defeated in election for State Senate

Bob Leedy (  ) Candidate, Ottawa City, Gloucester Ward, Canada 2000

Clarence Bruce Leedy (3375), State Senate, Oklahoma, Rep., 1921-5; Candidate for Congress 1918 7th Dist., (Beckham, Custer, Dewey, Ellis, Kiowa & Washita Counties)

David Warner Leedy (888), Michigan State Legislature, Rep. 1920-23, Mason County

E.R. Leedy (1141) Candidate for California State Assembly, Dist. 46, Prohib. Party 1916

Ingram Leedy ( ) Candidate for Lake Region Management District 2010

James Kaylor Leedy (4109), State Senate, Ohio, Rep. 1966-

John W. Leedy (806) Kansas State Senate, (Coffey & Franklin Counties) Populist, 1893-96; Candidate for Canadian Parliament, House of Commons, Victoria District 1917

John William Leedy (685), Nominee for U.S. Congress, Virginia, Rep. 1926, Manassas

Loomis Chapman Leedy (2679 A), State Representative, Florida, 1936-1946   

Michael Leedy ( ) Trustee of Tivoli, N.Y. 

Richard I. Leedy (8407) State Representative, Wyoming 1974        

Robert Franklin Leedy (717), House of Delegates, Virginia, Dem., 1914-1918, Page & Rappahannock County; State Senate, 1918; Candidate for Congress, 17th Dist. 1920

Robert B. Leedy (805), Kansas State Legislature, Dem. 1890-1, Woodson County

Ruth Leedy (5000 B) Oklahoma Legislature, 1940-46 *** may be husband Dean H. Smith***

Samuel Leedy (601) Trustee, Huntington County, Indiana 1876-84

Virgil Leedy, (  ) Washington County, Idaho 2010

William Hart Leedy (874), Indiana State Legislature, 1895-6, Marion County

Kathleen Lucas (8538) Republican Candidate for 27th District Assembly, California 1982




Judicial Branch


John Garber (  ) Nevada Supreme Court, 1870

A.I. Leedy ( ) Justice of the Peace, Union Township, IN 1838

Abraham H. Leedy (193) Justice of the Peace, Union Township, Indiana 1838

Abraham K. Leedy (182) Whig, Justice of the Peace, Washington Township, Indiana

Caleb Anthony Leedy (3877), Justice, Missouri Supreme Court, 1934 – 1964, served three times as Chief Justice (son of Charles A.)

Charles A. Leedy (1287) Democrat, Probate Judge, Scott and Clinton County, Missouri (father of Caleb Anthony)

Daniel Cassius Leedy (8406),  Judge in Encintas, 1959-62; Municipal Judge, Oceanside, CA 1962-70; Judge, Superior Court of San Diego 1970-83

Daniel Walton Leedy (9793), Judge, County Court at Law, Texas, Rep. 2007-  , also Candidate for 1st Court of Appeals, TX 1996

David E. Long (908) Justice of the Peace, Cass County, Michigan

David Warner Leedy (888), Justice of the Peace, MI

Eugene Rawson Leedy (1141) Justice of the Peace

George E. Leedy (2738) Justice of the Peace, Jefferson County, Iowa

J. Stratton Leedy ( ) Municipal Judge, Atlanta, GA 2000

John William Leedy (685), Justice of the Peace, Fairfax County, VA

Nathan G. Leedy ( )    Judge, Tulare County, CA

Robert A. Leedy (6556) Circuit Court Judge, Oregon


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